Confidentiality Policy

The Boulder Junction Public Library promotes the privacy and security of all patron information.  The library adheres strictly to all sections of the Wisconsin Statutes (chapter 43, section 30) regarding the protection of the confidentiality of its users.  Likewise, the library staff will maintain a high level of professionalism in keeping personal and circulation information private.

• All records in the Boulder Junction Public Library relating to patron registration and the subsequent circulation or use of services provided by the library are considered to be confidential in nature.

Information contained in library registration records will not be released without the authorization of the individual or by court order, except as needed by the library or associated libraries for the legitimate recovery or protection of library materials.

• All staff members and volunteers must sign a confidentiality agreement to be kept on file at the Boulder Junction Public Library and the Northern Waters Library Service. (see Appendix D)

• The Friends of the Library may obtain names and addresses from the patron database once every three years for membership solicitation or fundraising. They must first obtain NWLS and Library Board approval.

Adopted July 2001
Revised July 2016
Revised May 2021