Credit Card Policy

The credit card is the property of the Boulder Junction Public Library and will be issued on an account under the name of the Boulder Junction Public Library.

The library director will be the only person authorized to use the credit card and will be responsible for the credit card’s protection and custody. The library director shall immediately notify the appropriate financial institution and the library board if the credit card is lost or stolen. The credit card is to be surrendered to the board of trustees immediately upon termination or resignation from the director’s position.

Use of the credit card will be limited to the following purposes:

1. To purchase library materials and equipment; and/or
2. To cover pre-approved accommodations and travel expenses for conference and workshop attendance on behalf of the Boulder Junction Public Library.

During the "presentation of bills" at the monthly board meeting, the library director shall provide actual documentation of each transaction detailing the date of purchase, merchant name, goods/services purchased and the cost.

Under no circumstances are personal purchases and/or cash advances permitted on the credit card. Additionally, the credit card shall not be used to make payments on invoices or statements owed by the library.

Any library employee using a library credit card in violation of this policy shall be subject to disciplinary action, including loss of use privileges, suspension or termination as may be deemed appropriate by a majority of the library board. Additionally, the library employee shall reimburse any unauthorized purchases to the library board by personal check or salary deduction within sixty days of unauthorized purchases.

The Library Board of Trustees shall have authority to revoke the use of any credit card issued, and, upon such revocation order being delivered to the financial institution issuing the credit card, shall not be liable for any costs.

Adopted June 2006
Revised January 2012
Revised November 2015
Revised February 2021
Reviewed May 2023