Fundraising & Solicitation Policy


  1. The library encourages fundraising efforts on behalf of the library as formally authorized by the Boulder Junction Public Library Board of Trustees.
  2. Outside persons and organizations wishing to raise funds for library purposes may act in the name of the Boulder Junction Public Library only after the Library Board of Trustees has reviewed and approved the fundraising plan.
  3. All funds raised or donated in accordance with this policy will be used at the discretion of the Library Board of Trustees.
  1. Soliciting is defined as the sale or distribution of merchandise, sales materials, tickets, insurance, coupons, magazine subscriptions, political campaign materials or recall petitions, or anything not connected with the work of the library. Canvassing is defined as petitioning or distributing written materials or soliciting for political, charitable or religious purposes.
  2. Solicitation and canvassing of the public or staff is not permitted in the Boulder Junction Public Library. Solicitation and canvassing of the public in the Community Center building, in the parking lot and around the building grounds is subject to town policy.
  3. Exceptions may be made to the solicitation policy for fundraisers sponsored by the Friends of the Library, the local schools or organizations with which the library works closely. The Library Director or Library Board of Trustees will authorize such fundraisers on a case-by-case basis.
Any person who does not abide by the conditions stated above or creates a nuisance such that the regular business of the library is disrupted shall be required to immediately cease all activities and to leave the library premises immediately. If the person refuses to leave the library after being asked to do so, or becomes abusive or aggressive, a staff member may call law enforcement.

Adopted July 2011
Reviewed January 2021
Revised January 2024