Programs Policy

A library program is defined as a public activity sponsored or co-sponsored by the Boulder Junction Public Library occurring in the library, in the Boulder Junction Community Center or at an offsite location.  Library programs are a library resource that provide information, education and recreation to library patrons and the community.  Library programs should provide “for the interest, information and enlightenment of all people of the community the library serves”, as stated in Article 1 of the Library Bill of Rights.


The Boulder Junction Public Library may sponsor the following:
• Neighbor to Neighbor programs in conjunction with the Friends of the
• Local or regional authors of interest to patrons
• Children’s programs arranged by the Children’s Program Assistant and/or the Library Director
• Book clubs for adult and young adult patrons
• Genealogy group

Any other program idea requests should be submitted to the Library Director for the Director’s and the Library Board’s approval.  Whether a program idea originates from the Library, a community group or an individual, the library director and the library board shall determine whether:

  • The program supports the mission of the library, and
  • The program is of interest to or serves the needs of library users and the community, and
  • The resources needed to support the program are available.

The library strives to sponsor programs that present a broad spectrum of opinions and viewpoints.  Library programs should not exclude topics, books, speakers, media and other resources because they might be controversial.  Sponsorship or co-sponsorship of a program does not constitute an endorsement of the content, views, policies, or beliefs expressed during a program.  The library does not sponsor or co-sponsor programs that are purely commercial or religious in nature.

Concerns, questions or complaints about library programs should be sent in writing to the Library Board of Trustees.

Adopted August 2008