Public Records Policy

The Boulder Junction Public Library is committed to the principles of Wisconsin’s Public Records Law (Wisconsin Statutes 19), which provides that almost all records of state and local government, including those of public libraries, must be available for inspection and/or copying by the public.

The Boulder Junction Public Library is also committed to observing the statutory exception to the Public Records Law that prohibits the release of records that identify an individual who uses a publicly-funded library (Wisconsin Statute 43.30).  Such information can be released only with the consent of the individual, to other libraries under some circumstances for the purpose of interlibrary loan, or under court order (see the Boulder Junction Public Library Privacy Policy).


1. The records of the Boulder Junction Public Library are housed in the library office at 5392 Park Street, Boulder Junction, Wisconsin, 54512.

2. Individuals may request access to or a copy of public records during regular posted library hours. Requests do not need to be in writing. The request must be reasonably specific as to the subject matter and length of time involved.

3. Public records requests received by an authority are themselves “records” for purposes of the public records law.

4. Access to records must be allowed as soon as practicable and without delay. Copies of public records shall be produced as promptly as practical without disrupting the regular work flow of the library or taking the Director away from his/her required daily duties.

5. The Boulder Junction Public Library Board of Trustees designates the Boulder Junction Public Library Director as legal custodian of all library records.  The legal custodian must designate one or more deputy custodians to act in his/her absence.

6. Boulder Junction Public Library staff and volunteers should refer all requests for access to Boulder Junction Public Library records to the legal custodian or one of the deputy custodians.

7. The Boulder Junction Public Library may impose a fee upon the requestor of a copy of a public record.  However, the fee may not exceed the actual, necessary and direct cost of complying with a public records request, including locating, reproducing, transcribing, photographing, mailing and/or shipping a copy of a record to the requestor (Wisconsin State Statutes 19.34(3)(a-f).

  • The Boulder Junction Public Library will charge a location fee limited to the actual, necessary, and direct cost of locating a record if the cost is more than $50. The Boulder Junction Public Library calculates the location cost for a record by multiplying the number of hours needed to locate the record times the hourly pay rate, including benefits, of the Library Director or the Library Assistant (whoever actually locates the record).
  • The Boulder Junction Public Library will charge the current posted fees for copies of public records or scanning public records for e-mailing.
  • Cost for one (1) to five (5) e-mails to be forwarded - $.25 per e-mail plus $.10 per attached page.
  • Cost for more than five (5) E-mails to be determined by the actual amount of pages plus time required to forward, or in certain circumstances to print, scan and then send. Cost to be based on the Library Director’s hourly rate. (Minimum Charge $5.00)
  • The Boulder Junction Public Library will charge the actual cost of transcribing and/or photographing a record.
  • The Boulder Junction Public Library will charge the actual cost of mailing and/or shipping a record to the requestor.
  • The Boulder Junction Public Library may require prepayment of a fee, but only if the total amount exceeds $5.00 (Wisconsin State Statutes 19.35 (3)(c,f).

8. Any record produced for an individual that contains patron information in addition to public information must first be edited to remove any personally identifiable information, such as a patron’s name, address or telephone number.

9. The Public Records Law does not apply to staff notes, drafts and similar items prepared for staff use; personal property having no relation to the owner’s public office; or material to which access is limited by copyright, patent or bequest.

Adopted January 2008
Revised November 2015
Revised July 2017
Revised September 2021