Services Policy

The Boulder Junction Public Library offers many services. The library provides materials and services for information, entertainment, intellectual development and enrichment.

The library shall endeavor to:
• Select, organize, and make available print, audio/visual, electronic and other informational formats.

• Provide guidance and assistance to patrons in information retrieval via the phone, email, mail or in person; securing information beyond its own resources when appropriate.

• Provide access to computers, the Internet and other electronic resources for research and recreational purposes.

• Sponsor and implement programs, exhibits, and displays that lend to the intellectual and recreational advancement of the community.

• Provide additional services to patrons with needs as defined by the American with Disabilities Act. (See Appendix F)

• Cooperate with and initiate collaborative efforts with other organizations.
• Provide access to photocopier in accordance with copyright laws. (See Appendix G)

• Make available space for reading and research.

• Provide IRS and Wisconsin state tax forms.

• Exam Proctoring: Exam proctoring is a service provided by the library as a courtesy to our community and scheduling exams is at the library’s discretion. Students should schedule exam proctoring 48 hours in advance with the Library Director or Library Assistant. The library cannot provide one-on-one proctoring. Students will be seated in the reading area while the librarian performs regular duties. The library cannot guarantee that the student will be monitored continuously, nor can it provide a private, distraction-free setting. The library will make every effort to schedule the exam during quieter hours if possible. The library requires that all associated expenses (including postage) be paid by the school or the student.

• Provide a laptop, portable screen, portable computer speakers, a Meeting OWL, A/V adapters, and a wireless lavalier microphone to be used in library or community meeting room. See Equipment Loan Policy in the appendix for usage guidelines.

• Regularly review library services being offered.

At this time, the library does NOT offer:

• Faxing services (contact the town office)
• Tax advice
• Meeting space (contact the town office)


Adopted July 2001
Revised December 2008
Revised January 2012
Revised November 2015
Revised April 2021
Revised April 2024