Volunteer Policy


The Boulder Junction Public Library encourages, recruits and appreciates the efforts of volunteers from the community.


• Volunteers may help with the following tasks, following an orientation/training session:

  1. Circulation
  2. Shelving materials
  3. Straightening shelves
  4. Material processing
  5. Reading Garden maintenance
  6. Other duties as assigned by the library director or library assistant

• Volunteers will be recruited and trained by the Library Director or Library Assistant.

• Volunteers serve at the discretion of the Library Board.

• Volunteers will report to the Library Director or Library Assistant.

• Volunteers should read and follow the Volunteer Handbook.
• Volunteers will maintain a high level of professionalism in keeping personal and circulation information private

• Volunteers may be dismissed by the Library Director for any action or behavior that causes the library’s image or operation to be diminished. This includes but is not limited to: incompetence, misconduct, inattention to assigned duties, or unapproved absences from work. The library wants each volunteer to be successful in his/her job and will work with volunteers to eliminate deficiencies. While notice of intent to terminate can be expected, the Boulder Junction Public Library reserves the right to dismiss a volunteer without notice in cases involving theft, drug or alcohol abuse, criminal activity, or in instances of significant misconduct. The volunteer may appeal the dismissal to the Library Board.

• In appreciation of volunteer services, the library may organize activities and other methods of recognition to acknowledge volunteers.

• All staff members and volunteers must sign a confidentiality agreement to be kept on file at the Boulder Junction Public Library and the Northern Waters Library Service. (see Appendix D in policy manual)

• Volunteers of the library have certain privileges to which they are entitled. Any or all such privileges may be revoked by the Library Director or Library Board if abused. These include the privilege to:

  1. Pay no processing fees for damaged or lost materials, only the replacement cost.
  2. Borrow reference materials.
  3. Make up to 20 photocopies per week for personal use at no charge.

Adopted July 2001
Revised December 2008
Revised February 2010
Revised May 2021
Revised May2024