April Art in the Library

The Boulder Junction Public Library welcomes the public to view their April “Art in the Library” exhibit Mother Earth: Mixed Media “Magick Experience” by Shelley Novotny, Shakti Artist. The artwork will be on display throughout the library during regular business hours.

The exhibit features eco-friendly, handcrafted, slow fashion, recycled and earth inspired creations in honor of Earth Day, April 22, 2024.

Finding inspiration in the textures, colors, patterns, and scents found in the local landscape of the Northwoods in Wisconsin, Shelley invokes women to embrace their feminine divine inner essence through elemental inspired pieces of “Crown Magic”, intuitive styling, and photography. Dedicated to merging natural elements with discarded materials, she crafts sustainable, earth-inspired, unique mixed media and wearable art. Handcrafted, slow-fashion, headdresses, garments, accessories, and display creations seamlessly find their place within the enchanting realm of Artistic Alchemy’s “Magick Experience” fantasy photoshoots. For more information about Shelley Novotny’s art, visit her website at https://www.shelleynovotny.com/.

For questions about the Art in the Library exhibits, the application process, or the Artwork policy, please email the library at [email protected] or call the library at 715-385-2050.