Art in the Library Exhibit

Linda Pils Exhibit

The Boulder Junction Public Library welcomes the public to view their “Art in the Library” exhibit. The Library Board of Trustees selected Linda Pils for the Fall exhibit. Her photography will be on display starting Friday, October 2 and can be viewed during library open hours.

Linda Pils grew up in New York City, but the first time she visited High Lake, she knew she was home. During these times of fear and anguish, High Lake is a place of respite, solace and life affirming hope.
“As I stand at the open window of our small cabin, the reflections of yellow, red and gold color the lake, a loon is calling from the other side of Frog Island, and a red squirrel is perched on my lakeside kayak. Arriving at the cabin, I take off my watch. I am now on ‘lake time’. There aren’t the appointments and structures of home, but of following nature’s time. And as a dedicated amateur photographer, I follow the light,” describes Linda.

Linda has always enjoyed taking pictures of family and vacations, but upon retirement she had time to take that passing interest to a dedicated passion. Taking classes, taking thousands and thousands of photographs, and joining photo clubs, such as Photo Midwest in Madison and the Lakeland Area Photography Club in Minocqua, gave Linda an opportunity to refine her understanding of photography and work with and learn from other photographers.

Most of the photographs in the library exhibit were taken on or near High Lake, often while paddling around fulfilling her duties as Loon Ranger, watching, listening and recording the behavior of her favorite migrant. The remaining shots were taken on her travels, Linda’s other passion.

Linda Pils lives in Madison, Wisconsin and has a second home in Boulder Junction. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Illinois University and her Master of Arts degree in reading/language arts from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Linda retired after teaching children for 33 years at the kindergarten, first, second, third, multi-age and Junior Primary levels. Linda was the co-director of the Wisconsin Writing Project at UW-Madison for two years and the Editor of the Elementary Science magazine for the Wisconsin Academy of Science. She has written numerous articles for The Reading Teacher, Educational Leadership, Instructor Magazine and The Lutheran, as well as co-authoring two books for primary teachers focusing on the use of children’s literature in the classroom.

Linda’s favorite things are reading, photography, writing, going to movies (with buttered popcorn) and spending time with friends and family. She has been to 49 out of the 50 states, and every continent except Antarctica. Her favorite time of the year is when her two granddaughters come up to visit the cabin on High Lake for a vacation at “Camp Pils.”

Applications are being accepted for upcoming Art in the Library exhibits. The application form is available in the library or on the library website. The exhibits can be a single artist or a group of artists representing a theme or medium.

If you have any questions about the Art in the Library exhibits, the application process or the Artwork policy, please email the library at [email protected] or call the library at 715-385-2050.