Fine Free on Children’s Materials Starting February 1, 2019 And Fine Amnesty for All during February!

The library will no longer charge overdue fines on any children’s materials starting February 1, 2019. Patrons who check out children’s and young adult books, audiobooks, kits, puzzles, games and DVDs owned by the Boulder Junction Public Library will not incur a fine if the materials are returned past the due date. Patrons will still be charged for lost or damaged children’s materials, overdue items from other libraries and overdue, damaged or lost adult materials.

To welcome back patrons who have been blocked from checking out items, we will also be waiving past fines for children’s materials, excluding charges for lost or damaged materials.We believe that a child’s school success depends on access to the library and fines can be a barrier to access for families that cannot afford the fees.

The library will still issue overdue notices for children’s materials and patrons will still be billed for the replacement of an unreturned item after 28 days. Patrons of all ages are blocked from checking out items when they owe more than $5. These charges will now be removed if the overdue children’s material is returned.

The children’s materials fine-free policy is being launched in conjunction with Library Lover’s Month which is a month-long celebration of school, public, and private libraries of all types. This is a time for everyone to recognize the value of libraries and to work to assure that the nation’s libraries will continue to serve and remain free to the millions of people who visit in person or via the web each year.

The library loves adult patrons too – so we’re forgiving fines on all overdue materials during the month of February. That means we will waive fines from all overdue items returned during the month of February and waive all existing overdue fines. Fees for lost or damaged materials or overdue items from other libraries will be excluded.

“To celebrate Library Lover’s Month, we want to give everyone a clean slate. If a patron has forgotten to return a book for months, or lost a DVD and then found it again, they can bring the item back to the library and all is forgiven. If they’ve already brought back a late item and still have a fine on their record, we’ll wipe out those charges too,” said Library Director, Cherie Sanderson.

For more details about Fine Free Children’s Materials or Library Lover’s Month Fine Amnesty at the Boulder Junction Public Library, please call the library at 715-385-2050 or email [email protected]