Holiday Book Walk

The library will be offering a Holiday Book Walk beginning Friday, November 24 in conjunction with the town’s Christmas Walk. The book walk will be spread out at locations throughout downtown Boulder Junction and will be taken down after the holidays.

A Book Walk is a fun, educational activity that places a children’s story (literally a book taken apart) along a popular walking route in a community. Conceived as a way to inspire parents, teachers, and caregivers to take young children out of doors for physical activity and to learn, a Book Walk helps build children’s interest in reading while encouraging healthy activity for both adults and children.
The library will have laminated 2-page spreads of the book in business windows or mounted on stands outside the business. The Holiday Book Walk will begin at the library’s Reading Garden. On each 2-page spread there will be directions to the next book pages.

The book the library has chosen for the Holiday Book Walk is Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Lost Christmas! written by Alastair Heim and illustrated by Aristides Ruiz. A year has passed since the Grinch stole Christmas from Who-ville. Now eager to prove to the Whos that his heart has grown to LOVE the holiday, the Grinch devises a plan to win Who-ville’s Christmas Crown by making the largest, most spectacular Christmas tree the Whos have ever seen!

But when things don’t go as planned, the Grinch’s heart turns ice cold, and he threatens to leave Who-ville for good…until one small, special Who reminds him that Christmas is NOT about winning. Grow your heart three sizes MORE with this sequel to the timeless picture book How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Thank you to the following businesses for participating in the Holiday Book Walk (this list is also in order of the book walk pages):

  • Winkler’s Woodland Gifts
  • Boulder Bear Motor Lodge
  • Associated Bank
  • McGann’s Pub & Wine Bar
  • RE/MAX Real Estate
  • Knitt’s Hardware
  • Northern Highland Sports
  • Outdoorsman Restaurant
  • Boulder Beer Bar
  • Peeplelures
  • Boulder Junction Trading Company
  • Arlene’s Pottery
  • Acorn Lodge
  • Boulder Junction Coffee Company
  • Moondeer & Friends Gallery
  • Sauter Builders
  • Coontail

If you have any questions about the Holiday Book Walk, please call the library at 715-385-2050.